couple using nodat on iPadWhat We Do. Did you Nodat?

The Nodat app answers the questions you want to know about the places you want to go. We do all the work for you and recommend places based on your location and interest. We take the guesswork out of finding the perfect spot! If you are looking for the place for you and your friends to relax after work, Nodat will send you the top six places in town, recommended by your peers. Don’t waste your time aimlessly driving or walking around and wandering into a bar or a restaurant and wishing you knew more about it before you made the decision to go.

Peer-to-Peer Reviews

Here at Nodat, we believe that your peers make the best advocates and advertisers for you. Read their reviews, scroll through their pics, watch their videos to learn everything you need to know about a place before you step foot in the door. We make it easy for the newbie in town to find all the best places for shopping, dining, health, beauty, etc. We don’t want you feeling lost in your new home. The move was stressful enough, right? You have bigger and better things to do, like making new friends or decorating your new spot!

Social Sharing

But wait– we took it one step further! Nodat allows you to share your reviews to your social media for your family and friends to see what you’re up to and share how much you know about a place. They can comment on your reviews and vote on your Nodat stats. That’s why we believe in rewarding you for what you know. Collect Nodat points every time you check-in to a place and either write a review, post pics or upload a one minute video review. Collect as many Nodat points as you wish and be known as a top Consumer Advocate. Everyone in your circle will go to your Nodat profile to see what you know before they go!