couple using nodat on iPadWhy You Should Nodat?

We are making it easier and more convenient for customers to find, connect, engage and revisit your brand locally. Attract new customers with daily coupons, connect with them through social good initiatives, engage with them through user-generated content and local games, and retain them by making them a loyal local customer through the value of exclusive offers and perks ALL IN ONE PLACE.

Shopping locally helps to grow local businesses and keeps money in your community! YOUR customer is the most crucial ingredient in making that happen. Invite them to participate in your local awareness campaign and create a more effective and profitable customer relationship with your local customers.


Social Sharing is Community Marketing

The Nodat app is designed to put your customer to work for your brand. Award points for social shares, check-ins, reviews and more! Create offers they can redeem for future savings, exclusive perks, and deals from our in-app community coupon store. 

Customers want to hear from other customers. Use their content to promote your brand across your website and social media. No more waiting to grow your brand's hashtag before you generate enough user-generated content that you can use. Got a cause that you're passionate about? Connect with locals who share your passion and invite them to participate. Award their efforts by creating offers exclusively for them. 

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