Feeling Lost in a New City, did you Nodat

Moving to a new city can be an exciting time in your life, but can easily turn into a challenging and inconvenient affair. The primary reason is the hassle in settling down, with so much already on the plate, the shifting, the unpacking and most importantly getting a knack of the new locality. Of course with the Internet at our disposal and so many applications like Yellow Pages, Google and Yelp at our aid this doesn’t seem so complicated. Yet, not everything and not all concerns are so easily taken care of. The searches are intricate, the long list of results exhaustive and then rises the bigger apprehension, to believe or not to believe in the reviews shared. Moreover, for new migrants the issue is comparatively bigger because they are still exploring a new and unknown realm, hence Yellow Pages and Yelp are of little help.

The list of requirements are long, right from dentists, insurance agents, best places to eat, gyms, personal fitness trainers, home repair, day cares and religious entities and for all of these recommendations are required.

Nodat has been designed to help both the business owners and consumers. Registering your business on the application is easy and the promotion is authentic through video review from customers. How many times have you been in a new city and chose to stop someone on the street, phone family and friends, or ask a new coworker, over pounding the internet for a recommendation for a dentist, barber, or nail salon? I’m sure the answer to that question is plenty of times. Considering the tremendous influence of word-of-mouth publicity, Nodat applied the video testimonial approach.

With Nodat, users will be able to search for businesses using industry keywords and receive a list of local businesses without going through the combat of malicious SEO tactics carried out to get higher rankings in Internet search. Simply scroll through videos, pictures, and written reviews of businesses within a specific category and make your decisions with complete assurance. This puts the local guys back in the running.

With the feature benefit of bookmarking and grouping after the user finds the list of businesses he or she is looking for, they can create a folder to favorite or bookmark business pages for further research later. This allows the user to pick back up where they left off or cuts down on redundancy of having to search again for the same business information. The favorites folder acts as a separate phonebook for most frequented businesses instead of loading the consumers mobile contact list with strange business numbers.

The concept of video reviews helps the future resident have these businesses selected and set up prior to moving to their new town. Can you imagine the relief this will give the busy mom who is forced to move for corporate reasons? She doesn’t have to wait until she gets to her new town to get real live recommendations for day cares, schools, or after school programs. Knowing as much about the business before choosing to go there will cut down on bad or negative customer experiences.

Asking your customers to submit a video review of your business in the Nodat App will provide your business with a tool to set proper expectations of what you offer, also allowing individuals make an educated decision. Nodat’s video reviews will increase your customer service ratings, retention of your existing customers, and an increase in new customers through referrals.