True Color Brings More Color to Nashville!

Imagine after a long week at the office, shuffling meetings and assignments, evenings picking up the kids and driving them to their afterschool activities, making it home in time to cook a quick dinner, check homework, say goodnight, and grab what seems to be a quick six-hour night’s rest, your day of pampering has finally come! You have been waiting for this appointment and very excited for the experience! This is a beautician that you heard about from a neighbor and happened to checkout on Nashville’s local guide app Nodat and you fell in love with what you saw from the video reviews.



You walk into the Loft Salon and politely let them know that you are there to visit True Color. Candy the stylist greets you at the front and  takes you into a well decorated shampoo area surrounded by other stylist and their clients. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. The colors on the wall are very calming and eclectic and as you relax and settle into your seat at the shampoo bowl Candy introduces herself to you and tells you  that for the next hour and a half she will be your Hairapist.



 Hairapy Sessions in a Private Suite!


There you notice the most beautiful paintings hanging on the wall. The calming relaxation deepens. As you sit in her styling chair readyto be styled she hands you a pair of 3D glasses and tells you to sit back and take a load off. She draws her curtin and turns on a black light and all the paintings come to life. Reds and Yellows dance in front of you. Swirls of Pink and Blue make the most beautiful patterns above your head. Your relaxation deepens as so many colors surround you bouncing off the wall creating a live dancing art show.


"In here you to control the mood. You can talk or just enjoy the show.This is your time. I am here for you.” she says. Time seems to fly as you allow yourself to take in the atmosphere and enjoy the ecletic personality of your stylist. She hands you her mirror and you notice that not only has your hair been revived but so has your soul. You feel beautiful and mentally refreshed! This is just what you needed and what you can expect when you book an appointment at True Color.




—head massages
—blow outs
—conditioning treatments 
—base color
—vivid (unicorn) colors

 Stylist: Candy
1106 16th Ave. S Nashville, TN 
Facebook: Candy Circles
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.