Here at Nodat Place we love and support local business owners. They are the reason our company exist! Nashville is a booming economy and no stranger to the national brands that have moved in and decided to make our town their home. While, we welcome those brands and all the fun things that come along with them we can't forget about our local champions that make Nashville, well you know, Nashville! So, we decided to do a "Hey! Did You Nodat!" Local Business Spotlight! Here's our list of the most unique small businesses in Nashville we feel you must get to know!

1.) Lucky Mutts Dog Bakery 

lucky mutts

Nashville is home to "more than a million dog residents" (WKRN, 2017). Ranking our city "eight on the U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook" (Nooga, 2015). A million dogs mean over a million pet owners who care about the nutritional diets of their K-9 fur babies. That's what makes Lucky Mutts Dog Bakery so unique. It's a made-to-order bakery for your dog! Puppy Parents can purchase made-to-order, grain free, human-grade nutritional doggie treats. Owner Rachel Smith started baking for her dog Molly because she has a sensitive stomach and was having a hard time digesting the processed store-bought dog food. So, she decided to modify Molly's treats and started baking them herself using the "all natural" approach. "We make sure the treats taste good, so my husband samples each one!" (Rachel Smith, 2018). Word caught on about the delicious and nutrious good enough for humans’ doggie treats. She started to get orders from family, friends, and neighbors for their pets. Thus, Lucky Mutts Dog Bakery was born. You can visit their website to order treats for your pets and have them shipped within three days. It's not solely about the dollar for this localpreneur either. "For me, it’s not about the money. It's more about making sure pet owners have more nutritional options for their pets" (Smith, 2018). The meals are affordably priced and she occasionaly runs specials to support and donate to causes that support pet health. 

2.) The Catbird Seat


This isn't your traditional five-star, fine dining restaurant. There are several things that make The Catbird Seat so unique. Chef Ryan Poli and his team runs an "intimate and interactive chef-run restaurant" (Catbird Seat, 2018) that offers a unique dining experience. At the Cat Bird Seat guest gather around the kitchen surrounding their chef as he prepares a multi-course meal right in front of them. The Chefs interact and engage in conversation, showing off their techniques and knowledge, while the beverage director spoils you with perfectly paired drinks to compliment the dishes as your chef takes your taste buds on a tour of "Spain to Denmark, Southeast Asia and beyond" (Catbird Seat, 2018). But wait, thats not what caused them to make our list! We think it's cool that the restaurant only allows twenty-two guests per night! The perfect place to have a peaceful intimate dinner. Reservations are booked thirty days in advance. That screams unique from all the way across the street! If you still aren't convinced of their unique status there's one more thing that caught our eye. The Catbird Seat also serves as a culinary incubator for chefs! Which means you get a front row seat to watch and experience up and coming chefs develop and explore their culinary skills and creativity without boundaries. Unique! 

Location: 1711 Division Street, Nashville, TN. 37203. Open: Wednesday - Saturday 8:30 & 10:00 seating. Reservations here


3.) Mewsic City Kitty Cafe 


As we have already mentioned, Nashville loves their animals! That's why Mewsic Kitty Cafe a "one of a kind cat cafe" slighted coffeehouse for cat lovers opened their doors! The cafe is a cage-free environment where furry felines roam free to meet and greet their cat loving guest and possible future families. If you're looking to adopt a cat or just in need of some "cat therapy" then Owners Meagan and Thien Phan would love for you to visit. Partnered with the Nashville Cat Rescue Mission  they host up to fifteen furry felines on site in hopes they will be adopted by their cat loving coffee drinkers. "We're a creative space for cat enthusiasts to work, play, and indulge in a little cat therapy while enjoying a taste of the local scene through comforting drinks and sweet snacks" (Mewsic Kitty Cafe, 2018). Drinks and treats are provided by a self-serve coffee bar with options from Bongo JavaSwitter's Iced-CoffeeBooch KombuchaTwo Leaves Hot Tea and sweets from The Wild Muffin and Leeuw. Walk-ins are welcome but reservations are preferred. The meet and greets are $12/hr. and there is a list of rules that must be followed during your stay. 

Location: 2519 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211. Open: Thursday - Sunday 11:00 - 8:00. Reservations here.

4.) United Street Tours 

united street tours

Travel back in time and discover the rich black history in Nashville through the eyes of African Americans when you take a street tour with United Street Tours. This is the first tour of its kind here in Nashville. This 90- minute walking tour takes you on an educational journey and story-telling experience that gives you a real historical encounter of how blacks overcame adversity during their fight for civil rights. The goal of tour guides Chakita Patterson and Ogden Ratliff is to empower locals with the untold stories of the African American champions who helped build this great city. The tour starts on the riverfront of the Cumberland River and leads you to "walk in the footsteps of leaders, such as John Lewis and Diane Nash, who protested during the Civil Rights Movement and are still alive fighting for equality today. Tour Woolworth and sit at the lunch counters where African Americans would have been beaten and imprisoned for doing so. Listen to stories about the first African American entrepreneurs in Nashville who played a major role in Nashville's success" (United Street Tours, 2018). Tours are given on the weekends. 

Tour dates & Bookings here.

5.) Nodat Place

Notday App Landing Page Nashville Skyline

Lol! Of course, we make the cut! Nodat is a unique way to spread the word about your local business through the eyes of your customer. Founders and Nashville natives Aireka Harvell and Ty Reed created the mobile local guide app that encourages one-minute video reviews created by customers that can be shared to Facebook and Twitter. We believe in the relationships small business owners create with their customers and understand they are the most powerful form of advertising. That's why it’s completely free for you to add your business to our app and ask your customers to create and upload videos to their social media, explaining to their family and friends why they should give your business a try! The videos can be as creative as they like! Create them on the phone, on Snapchat, Instagram, wherever and upload them to Nodat where they are housed for locals and tourist to see. We give your customers points for every action they perform to help evangelize your business. Pretty soon we'll have a self-serve platform available for you that will allow you to offer exclusive discounts and coupons for your customers to redeem using the Nodat points they collect for talking about you on social media. There's plenty more where that came from, but we feel that's what makes us unique! 

List your business for free here


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