Simply put, locals learn about your local business through other locals. Word-of-mouth has always been your most powerful form of marketing. Especially, for small businesses and that is now true for all brands. With the rise of ad blocking and streaming services more brands locally and globally finding it difficult to attract, connect, engage, and retain customers in local areas. 69% of millennial consumers have said they would rather learn about new brands in their local area from their family, friends, or existing customers. This means real customers must be involved in your local marketing efforts. We have designed the platform to help you attract, connect, and engage more customers and made it so easy, fun, and convenient that they have no choice but to become a Loyal Local.

So, what's your part? 

Claim or register your local business on our platform, completely free and start asking your customers share their experiences on our app by simply uploading videos and pictures that they can share to their social media telling their family and friends why they should get to know you. We'll take care of the tagging and sharing your contact info when they post. Easy Peasy! This is the perfect way to reach more people and tap into your current customer's personal network and social media friends. Smart work for you and your customer. 

Awesome! Click here to claim or register your business and start asking your customers to create!