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Welcome to the capital of Tennessee the land of music and recently a dreamland for businesses or also known as Nashville, a place that can be marked by its music and healthcare. But Nashville doesn't only focus on those two things, because lately with its economic growth, small businesses had been popping left and right to the point that it has mounted to 500,000 and still counting (Brantley, 2016). And even though they are not as big as other major companies, checking them out can be worth your time and effort. Here is a list of ten businesses you might want to check out here in Nashville.


Nashville is imparting different changes and growth in the city. May it be with the physical state, business development, housing and other progress that are evident to all people who have been spending some time in the city. The nation has started to notice the vital changes that has been happening in Nashville, and in every progress it shows, there were many people, especially business investors who have started to build a starting point of making their business in the city. The changes that are evident to all are:

Feeling Lost in a New City, did you Nodat

Moving to a new city can be an exciting time in your life, but can easily turn into a challenging and inconvenient affair. The primary reason is the hassle in settling down, with so much already on the plate, the shifting, the unpacking and most importantly getting a knack of the new locality. Of course with the Internet at our disposal and so many applications like Yellow Pages, Google and Yelp at our aid this doesn’t seem so complicated. Yet, not everything and not all concerns are so easily taken care of. The searches are intricate, the long list of results exhaustive and then rises the bigger apprehension, to believe or not to believe in the reviews shared. Moreover, for new migrants the issue is comparatively bigger because they are still exploring a new and unknown realm, hence Yellow Pages and Yelp are of little help.

two womenn demonstrating the power of video reviews on Nodat app

Marketing Trends

According to online marketing magazine, "Smart Insights", incorporating video into your existing SEO and social media marketing efforts is fast becoming essential in 2017.  Moreover, the reason why video is becoming so essential is simple...