Premium Listing


Experience all of the features and benefits of a Nodat Premium Engagement Plan and take interactivity to a whole new level, allowing you to add video marketing, geo-targeting to share news, reminders, and exclusive promotions, design local trivia to engage your customers, create and promote unlimited offers to attract new customers and design exclusive rewards to retain existing customers.

The Premium Listing includes all features:


  • Amplified In-app Search Ads (Show up FIRST in the search regardless of distance) 
  • Use Customer's Pictures and Videos for Your Website & Social Media
  • Turn your Push Notification into a Quick Text Email 
  • Create Trivia Games 
  • Promote unlimited coupons
  • Create exclusive offers for loyal locals
  • Monthly Banner Advertising
  • Share and promote your social good initiatives
  • Create partnerships with other brands to create more valuable offers

All this means your target audience will be kept up-to-date about your offers and promotions, 24/7!

Duration: 1 month
Price: $399.99

If you pay for yearly you will get three months free.

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