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Get customers to come back to your cafe with dynamic “Hot Offers” that expire when the clock runs out. Unlike coupons and old-fashioned loyalty programs with offers that sit around until they get stale, Nodat’s Hot Offers drive revenue through actions and time scarcity.

Everyday 83% of consumers choose local over national brands due to a promotional offer.

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Now more than ever you need access to powerful marketing tools designed to specifically help your local coffee shop bounce back from the effects of Covid-19. Incentivize your customers to take immediate actions through dynamic time-sensitive offers and community marketing that focuses on driving revenue and increases repeat visits.

Coupon Redemption

Easily create QR, Bar, and Text codes that your customers can easily redeem right from their mobile devices. Perfect for in-store and online orders.

Mobile Marketing

Advertise your business and exciting deals to thousands of local consumers in Nashville and surrounding areas directly to their mobile devices.

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