Drive More Customers Back to Your Local Business.

Nodat is an actions-driven community marketing platform that uses real-time digital offers and incentives that consistently drives revenue and get customers back to your small local business.

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Nodat drives new and repeat customers using Hot Offers.

Get customers to come back to your business with dynamic “Hot Offers” that expire when the clock runs out. Unlike coupons and old-fashioned loyalty programs with offers that sit around until they get stale, Nodat’s Hot Offers drive revenue through actions and time scarcity.

Entice local consumers to purchase from your small business using revenue-generating digital coupon offers.

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Want to increase sales for your small business?

Now more than ever you need access to powerful marketing tools designed to specifically help your small business bounce back from the effects of Covid-19. Incentivize your customers to take immediate actions through dynamic time-sensitive offers and community marketing that focuses on driving revenue and increases repeat visits.


Very few shoppers expect to pay pull price. Yet, 89% of them no longer engage with traditional coupons. Nodat provides a unique and out-of-the-box solution for digital coupon marketing that keeps your small local business relevant, like real-time offers that disappear once the clock runs out.


60 million millennials use their mobile device daily to search for deals and to shop local. Digital coupons are easy to send but can get lost in email marketing or on social media. Nodat provides a digital marketing solution specifically designed to keep your small business in front of local shoppers.

Create daily deals and watch customers rush to redeem.


Create Urgency

Influence customer buying decisions.

Urgency gives your customers a reason to move forward in the buying process.

Drive Sales

Drive quick sales to a product or service.

Drive shoppers towards your excess inventory with exclusive offers.

Have Fun

Keep customer coming back for more.

Create excitement through exclusivity and have fun with disappearing offers.

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What is a Hot Offer?

Hot Offers are like coupons that are only active during certain times, on certain days, or for a very limited time. For example, you could offer your customers 20% off only between 2-5PM on Tuesdays to drive more traffic during low periods. Or you could create a temporary Hot Offer for the next week giving your customers a discount to drive them back as your business re-opens after the Covid-19 lockdown. The key is that the limited time gets customers to act.

It won’t stop there! We have more exciting features coming.


How does Hot Offers Work?

Step 1: Share the Nodat app with your community, so they can get exclusive offers from you.

Step 2: Pick a time window and incentive and create your first Hot Offer. 

Step 3: Send your first Hot Offer and watch customers rush in before it expires. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We designed Nodat to make it simple and easy to use. However, we know you may have a few questions. So, here answers to a few questions you may have.

FAQ 1: Q: Can I share Hot Offers with anyone?

A: No, Hot Offers are exclusive offers for your local community on Nodat. These are offers that you would not share with any other platform as a unique perk for your customers and a new way to immediately drive sales for a specific product or service.

FAQ 2: Q: Are Hot Offers only for brick and mortar businesses?

A: No, Hot Offers was created to help brick and mortar, mobile and e-commerce small businesses generate immediate traffic to their business.

FAQ 3: Q: How many Hot Offers can I do at a time?

A: You can run as many Hot Offers you want any day any time. All you have to do is log into your account, create each offer, choose the days and times you want the offers to show and the times you want each offer to disappear

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No longer dread slow Mondays at your small local business.

Offer your target customers the perfect incentive to act quickly.


Want to generate more foot traffic during lunch on a specific day? Intice new diners to try your restaurant with exciting hot offers they can’t resist, like $3 combos from noon-2pm on a random Tuesday. You decide when, how often and what kind of offer you want to create. Customers will be waiting at the edge of their seat ready to claim your next Hot Offer and beat the clock to redeem it.


Got a product that’s been hard to sell? Customers are typically reluctant when making buying decisions which results in a lot of items being put back on the shelf before they reach the register or abandoning their carts online. Create a Hot Offer and make the decison easier. Easily create an offer giving a once-in-a-lifetime discount between a specific time and watch your customers buy just to beat the clock.

We Nodat You’ll Love Hot Offers Better Than Traditional Coupons.

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Quickly Drive Sales for Specific Products or Services.

Take it for a test drive. We’ll ride along with you until you figure out the perfect strategy. Try it for 30 days.

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