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Promote local deals and connect with shoppers who aren’t already on your email list or don’t know about the deals on your website by displaying limited-time sales and coupons on Nodat. Get started below!

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Influence consumer buying decisions with Hot Offers.

Get customers to buy now and shop more with dynamic “Hot Offers” – mobile coupons that expire when the clock runs out. Unlike Groupon offers which can eat into your margins or old-fashioned loyalty programs with offers that sit around until they get stale, Hot Offers promote local deals, create urgency and drives revenue through actions and time scarcity.

Boost sales with mobile coupons and push notification marketing.

Promote Offers

Build FOMO

Promote your flash sales and limited deals.

Boost Revenue

Increase Sales

Better strategy to increase your average order value.

Get Customers

Drive Actions

Attract more shoppers ready to take action.

Studies show that 89% of consumers search for coupons and discounts before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Hot Offers promote local deals, sales, discounts or coupons ran for a brief period of time on the Nodat Android and iOS mobile apps. These are offers that you would use to boost foot traffic and sales for a specific product or service.

No, Hot Offers was created to help brick and mortar and e-commerce small businesses generate immediate traffic to their business and drive customer engagement on mobile devices. It’s a powerful mobile marketing solution for small and medium local businesses.

Absolutely not! It’s your money and you work hard for it. Unlike Groupon, we do not take payments from customers through our platform so, there is no revenue sharing or transaction fees. After your free trial, we charge a low monthly subscription fee so you can create and promote as many Hot Offers as you want.

No, there is not a required discount amount to promote your offer. We do recommend making the offer hard to resist. Studies show most customers respond to offers that are between 20% – 50% off.

Take it for a test drive. We’ll ride along with you until you figure out the perfect strategy.

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