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Consumer Privacy : Strategies for Consent-based Marketing

The marketing industry has been undergoing a dramatic transformation in recent years. With the rise …

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Examining Lensa’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

The Lensa app craze recently hit our timelines in waves, with futuristic images of our …

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Let’s Talk Privacy

Adhering to Standards in a Changing Digital World What you should know to ensure your …

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All About Hot Offers

The revolutionary way to get customers knocking down your doors. At Nodat we LOVE a …

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Elevate Your Marketing Strategy With GeoTargeting

How revolutionary GeoTargeting technology is changing the marketing game If you’re a small to medium …

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AWS Impact Accelerator For Black Founders

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently selected Nodat’s founding team (myself and Ryan O’Neal) to participate …

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You Should Be Using Geo-Targeting

What is Geo-Targeting Marketing? Geo-targeting allows you to reach people where they are, and even …

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Stay on top of social media engagement! Download this free social media holiday calendar provided …

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FREE DATA STRATEGY TOOLKIT & WORKBOOK What You Will Learn: Take a data ready assessment …

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Get More Online Reviews For Your Local Retail Store

The majority of local traffic comes from online reviews. So, if your local retail shop …

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