5 Reasons Small Business Should Use Ephemeral Marketing And Best Strategies.

5 Reasons Small Business Should Use Ephemeral Marketing And Best Strategies.

Whether you are a fresher in your business or you’ve been in business for a while, the ultimate aim of all small business owners is to make enough sales at every point in time. This means you have to reach a wider audience than your current scope and to do this you have to employ the best small business marketing ideas and strategies to meet your goals. Here we discuss one of the effective marketing ideas for small business owners; Ephemeral Marketing, the reasons to adopt these marketing styles, and the best strategies to use when considering ephemeral marketing.

Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Ephemeral Marketing

Reasons #1: It increases your short-term sales

One of the best reasons to adopt ephemeral marketing is its tendency to increase your sales for short time, as well as having convincing content to retain visiting consumers. If you adopt well-designed marketing as a small business owner, reaping a huge return is guaranteed. Imagine running a flash sale with a highly enticing discount that appeals to the heart of consumers. It will surely guarantee traffic to your page and you are sure of having enough sales due to consumers’ FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Reasons #2: Cost less but achieve more

Short visual marketing is more appealing to consumers than every other means of marketing ideas. Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Whatsapp statuses, and other social media platforms that give space for short time videos and images display come at no cost. It allows you to market your products and services, while as a small business owner you save and divert money meant for such into other areas in your business.

Reason #3: Mobile Friendly

There are more than 3.8 billion users of smartphone across the globe, that is almost 50% of the world population. Recently the mobile fact sheet estimates that 81% of these phones are used by adults (15-68 years), which spells good news for you as a small business owner. One of the focal points of marketing is to capture the interest of your audience across the board, this exactly is what ephemeral marketing does when it comes to small business marketing ideas. Due to its mobile-friendly nature, and low data consumption, it is a well-known fact that consumers love what can be accessed through their phones. It gives them more time to review and engage with you as a business owner. This in turn means more customers to boost your business’ revenue.

Reasons #4: Expand your reach

With ephemeral marketing; well-designed ads on Facebook, Instagram, and the likes, you are guaranteed to reach a wider market beyond your scope. According to recent research by Buffer, it affirmed that a short visual/infographics content has a 40X higher chance of being shared than ordinary text content.  This is one of the marketing ideas that help small businesses to attract potential customers that are not in their vicinity. The more people share your content, the wider your reach and the more engagement you get. The engagements you get, and how well you build your customer relation will propel sales conversion.

Reasons #5: Popularize your Products

With different strategies of ephemeral marketing, the use of flash sales to roll out limited stock, giving out the best deal with a limited version of your products with a promotional offer, as well as giving out an exclusive deal to people based on special criteria e.g. giving a 50% discount on a certain product for a year if a customer refers 10 new customers. The aforementioned and many more make people feel thirsty for your product and services. With this, you are sure gaining more popularity far and wide.

In conclusion, the success of small business using ephemeral marketing is not limited to the above-listed reasons and strategies, it is also not all-inclusive. What is important here is the fact that the above reasons are enough to grow your small business to your desired point using ephemeral marketing.

Make use of the aforementioned small business marketing ideas, and you’ll get to the promised land in no time. However, there are a lot more that could spell success for your business than all these marketing ideas and strategies. At times, this is dependent on your marketing style and the professionals you employed to market your business.

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