Black Friday Mobile Coupon Guide

Black Friday Mobile Coupon Guide

A Black Friday mobile coupon strategy should be included in every marketers holiday marketing strategy for 2020. Black Friday is right around the corner and there is no doubt this year will be a little different. Marketers typically analyze the previous year’s activities to plan and forecast for future Black Friday sales, but this year presents challenges making some of that data useless. 

All is not lost according to this survey by Criteo, 64% of consumers miss shopping at stores and 65% already feel comfortable returning to them. With that being said, this holiday season it is necessary for marketers to look for innovative opportunities to get the most out of the biggest shopping day of the holiday season. 

Use these 7 Mobile Coupon Strategies for your Black Friday Deals: 


All holiday shoppers will lean heavily on e-commerce by mostly shopping online at retailer websites or their mobile devices and choosing to pick up in store. 

Tip #1 

Get shoppers excited about your Black Friday specials on your website to build up excitement for the shopping season. Let shoppers know that you plan to reveal exciting once-in-a-lifetime deals through the Nodat Hot Offers app on Black Friday. 

Register your free account here.

Tip #2 

If you have a physical location consider offering deals online and through Hot Offers for in-store purchases only.


During the pandemic consumers learned of new e-commerce sites, direct-to-consumer brands and small businesses that offered their usual products. 83% of these consumers said they will most likely continue shopping with these new brands. Consider messaging that relates to shoppers current situations and create relevant offers throughout various touchpoints. 

Black Friday #FOMO

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out is a big conversion driver. Adding a time-restraint will drive a lot of customers to actually purchasing your products. Make sure the timer for your mobile coupon is set for a realistic amount of time but do not make it so far into the future that it loses its sense of urgency and effect.

Black Friday Social Media Coupon Promotion

Use social media to advertise a 24-hour offer. Create the announcement using stories and live videos. Use the Hot Offer app to count down the offer and provide a BLACKFRIDAY2020 promo code or QR Code. This creates tremendous opportunity for your customers to share the news of the upcoming 24-hour offer. 

Use the 24-hour offer to lead your customers to the Nodat app where they can find other mobile coupon offers you have for the holiday season and after. 

Get Customer Feedback 

Use the url link on your Hot Offer Business page to list a short-survey in exchange for the Black Friday offer. Surveys are a quick way to gather data to improve your business in areas of customer experience and pricing. Using this strategy for this URL adds extra value in offering the discount. 

Black Friday Mobile Coupon Physical Events 

Attending live shows and holiday events are the height of the holiday season for many shoppers and is a great brand building strategy. It also creates an opportunity for generating loyalty and turning customers into super fans. Create a mobile coupon for in-person and show-only events. 

Prepare for the Day After Black Friday

Black Friday is the beginning of the shopping season for most shoppers, aside from the few started in July. So, be sure shoppers who redeemed your Black Friday offers with complementary product offers. You will also have the opportunity to target shoppers who missed out on the biggest shopping day of the year with more exciting offers.

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