Holiday Marketing Ideas To Boost Sales For Small Business – 2020

Holiday Marketing Ideas To Boost Sales For Small Business – 2020

It’s time to beef up your small business marketing plan for Thanksgiving and the holiday season! This is a crucial time for small businesses to get the most of out of their holiday marketing strategy. The goal is to get in front of shoppers who are happy, spending time with family, eating lots of food and spending money on gifts for each other. Because the holidays compel consumers to explore new local businesses and experiences to enjoy with their family and friends and they will be looking for the best deals while doing so. Here are some ideas to help beef up your holiday marketing strategy.

Empathize and Relate

Of course this holiday season will feel different for a lot of people due to social distancing rules. Which means family members may need to alter their plans and have smaller holiday dinners. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and relate to their feelings about the challenges this holiday season brings. Be transparent and show the human side of your business. This increases engagement with your brand content and makes your small business more relatable and approachable.

Celebrate with Other Small Businesses

This is a perfect season for togetherness. Aside from the holidays, our world has had a pretty tough year and coming together as a community to celebrate a time of love, support, and family is the perfect way to get through the rest of the year together. Nodat advocates that small businesses are the lifeline of local communities. Our community marketing platform makes it easy for local businesses to support each other. When small businesses come together it is a powerful thing for the local economy. Get on our wait list for our universal community loyalty program.

Have Surprise Sales

Add a lot more excitement to your holiday deal announcements with teasers about surprise sales. Build up the anticipation on your social media channels through live videos and by posting the teasers on your stories. Tell your shoppers that you plan to open an hour early or close an hour later and create a Nodat Hot Offer for a limited amount of customers who can beat the clock to redeem the surprise offer! They will love it every time!

Partner with a Local Charity

Partner with a local charity to serve as a collection location for food, toys, clothes or gifts for charity. Run a special offer that awards a special discount for items donated to the charity’s cause. Go out into the community and feed those in needs or clean up an area that is in need of some community love and attention.

Throw a Small Business Social Event

Get social with your customers and throw a VIP Holiday event. Following all social distancing rules of course! Provide an atmosphere that allow your shoppers to feel special and get a moment of the warm and gooey holiday cheer they long for. Include games, prizes, and new product reveals that guest of the event have first access to.

Get Existing customers Involved in Your Holiday Marketing

Reach out to your existing customers, preferably your super fans and ask them to share a 30-second video stating how your small business has or will make their 2020 holiday season better. Offer a special bonus or discount for those who create the video and send it to you. Give them permission to speak from the heart. It will be a nice video with viral potential and great recognition for your brand.

Use Social Media to Spread Holiday Cheer

Instead of cramming ads and posts that scream “BUY MY PRODUCTS!” in your customers faces, use your social media presence to spread a little extra holiday cheer this season. Play holiday trivia or host a virtual holiday scavenger hunt of your website and internet presence. Offer a special gift or VIP experience to the winner. This will provide a valuable way to get customers to research and learn more about your small business and the products you offer.

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