How To Implement Mobile In Your Marketing Strategies

How To Implement Mobile In Your Marketing Strategies

With mobile e-commerce on the rise, implementing it in your marketing strategy should come as a no-brainer. Did you know that the device alone is responsible for bringing 8% of all digital traffic to your site?  Considering how online shoppers take a great chunk out of the overall sales, Businesses must start working on making their websites super mobile-friendly.

Optimizing your business for mobile is easier than you think. Following are some of the ways you can tap into the Holy Grail otherwise known as the market of mobile users.

1. Build Your Site’s Responsiveness

Your website’s responsiveness is its ability to adjust and adapt to mobile interfaces.

Now, building your site’s responsiveness has been made easy by an array of great tools such as WordPress. With its varied range of themes and associated costs, you can easily incorporate templates even if you are running a tight budget for your mobile-friendly website.

One rule when implementing a more responsive design for your website is to go from large-scale to micro-scale. A responsive layout alone does half of the job.  You can use media queries and breaking points to help you with a more feasible layout.

Remember that the goal of a responsive design is to generate the best user experience. Try navigating your website on a number of devices and see what works best for you. 

2. Keep Your Content Mobile-Friendly

Understand that users have and expect different website experience depending on the device they are using. Your content must live up to these expectations and serve users’ needs. All the tabs, links, and pages that you think of as indispensable while using your PC may easily clutter the experience for your mobile users. They must go.

Remember that users do not have the luxury of a big screen when using mobile. They can do without that critical-seeming About page of yours. They typically don’t care, especially on mobile.  They care about why they came to your website and targeting those ‘whys’ is the only content worth keeping.

Think of catchy and value-based headlines. Then think of ways to make those shorter and precise. Do away with most of the muddle. You now have a recipe for longer traffic sustenance on your site.

3. Don’t Wait for Traffic; Take Your Site to Them

The age for passive reception of your traffic is over. Marketing is all about getting your footing in the dynamic world of brand awareness, building trust and brand recognition.

With mobile devices becoming our second nature, everyone at any point on the brand-consumer spectrum is floating the same boat. This includes business owners, developers, bloggers, consumers, and of course the brand themselves.

When will the app feature come into use for you?  Medialets have put forth some interesting stats in their case study. Ads delivered on mobile apps have a better conversion rate than those delivered on websites.

Now, not everyone can be a tech-giant like Amazon. It is not realistic to expect that you can reach out to everyone. Then there is the problem of visibility. You will have to help users discover you. Sales will only convert from that point onwards. But some businesses, such as Hotel Tonight, are doing it right. They’ve launched an app by the same name, which once downloaded, can allow users to start booking. Solving problems with convenience is the name of the game and Nodat excels in this arena by utilizing coupon-based FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) marketing. In current times, it is a proven marketing strategy for increased sales and our team strives to make it increasingly useful for their clients. 

4. Get Local; Get Closer

The trend among mobile users to look up their nearest go-to places is now running hot. Users with any intention of purchase look up local information on their devices. You can take help from Google My Business to increase your visibility for both desktop and mobile users. Getting yourself listed there will increase traffic for your website.

The steps are simple. Hopefully, you’ve got a Google account. Most businesses have one. Upon logging into your account, visit Simply Business. The flowchart there will navigate you through the easier-than-you-think steps for getting listed.

Nodat offers businesses the capability of sending customized push notifications to their mobile app users anytime your business promotes a new deal on their platform.

Ihumanmedia has revealed that 58% of all smartphone users navigate their phones every hour. It’s time for you to leverage this trend to expand your marketing mix.

Forbes confirms this. In one survey, it was revealed that a greater percentage of users exchange and communicate information via text-messaging instead of calls. And if you are still wary, look at all the other advantages you are missing out on. Here are a few:

  • Greater Control: One perk is that you can easily track what your target recipients are doing with your marketing campaigns. You can check which messages are getting ignored and which ones get read.
  • Greater Interaction: Add a reply button to your feeds and get instant feedback.
  • Quick Marketing: In terms of reach and sales conversion, mobile marketing is faster than its various counterparts.

5.   Better Navigation

When talking about increased conversions, marketers just cannot skip this feature. The greater the navigability of your dashboard widgets, the easier is the maintenance of your traffic.  

The same rule applies to your call-to-action links. With plug-ins such as WPtouch, most of the work is off your hands.

Keep in mind that there does not exist a manual with the best practices for website navigability. These rules must be tried and tested. You can apply the A/B test for your dashboard widgets to find your best fit.  

6. Personalize Your Feeds

In the grueling world of competitive markets, a personal touch can set you apart. If it resonates with any number of your targeted audience, you get a head start.

As a marketer, you must not fall victim to the ugly enticement of keyword stuffing for better SEO. As they say, search engines are not credit cards. Landing on the first page of a search engine will hardly convert sales if you cannot connect with your traffic.

So what should you do?

Add a personal touch. And there are a number of ways you can do it.

1)      Access the Pain Point of Your Prospects: You can do this by identifying their needs. One example of a good website can be that of Social Triggers. Users are hit by a welcome note and asked what brings them to the site.

2)     Engage with a Story: Nothing gets one hooked like an emotionally delivered story. The ‘Big Dig’ campaign by WaterAid is a testimony to this. According to Econsultancy, one of the ways the campaign was able to raise $3.5 million was through effective storytelling.

3)     Let the Pictures Do the Talking: Studies reveal that visual content can play a significant role in driving decision-making among audiences. Videos, charts, and infographics can help you leverage this trend.

If you haven’t already incorporated mobile in your marketing mix, It’s time you do. There is enough evidence to support the implementation of mobile in your marketing strategies. With quicker outreach and greater personalization, mobile marketing can be a gold mine for evolving businesses.

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