Clever FOMO Marketing Ideas that Urge Shoppers to Buy Now.

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Have you ever come across an advertisement on your TV or seen one displayed on a billboard, that made you feel like it’s the best deal you will ever get? Then, you feel the need to urgently race the clock to snatch it before the time stipulated on the ad runs out? That feeling, is the effect of FOMO.

If you’ve been stuck in your office, scratching your head at low ad engagement or low social media engagement, you’re probably wondering what FOMO Marketing is all about? Here is some of what you need to know when it comes to using FOMO to increase sales for your small business.

What is FOMO Marketing?

If you are the type that seldom scrolls social media, or you are probably not into digital marketing, the term FOMO might be a little strange to you. Though, it is a strange term if you ask me. But a workable style if implemented in the right way by a genius marketer.

FOMO in clear terms means the “Fear of Missing Out“. A digital or conventional style of marketing where the joy of catching great deals of potential buyers is fed by ways of an advertisement or special discount. It creates urgency and makes people rush to buy what is on sale before it’s gone.

It is a clever marketing strategy that many large brands use regularly to paint the picture to potential buyers they must act now to snatch a product or service at a given price or the opportunity will be lost forever. Shoppers love it because it’s fun, exciting and they see it as an opportunity to get what they want at satisfactory prices.

It is a marketing style that appeals to the subconscious mind of consumers and if done correctly moves them to seize every opportunity you present before it slips away.

Shoppers can’t resist the news of a great sale!

Use FOMO Marketing to Successfully Promote Sales

As one of the most potent marketing strategies, FOMO Marketing can be used with different techniques but some things are very germane to the success of such a marketing style. Otherwise, the positive result you desire may be ruined due to negligence or failure to put the right thing at the right place. The first thing to consider is targeting the right people. Next, is to promote the sale at the right time. Last, make sure you promote it in the right place.

It is highly important to state that FOMO Marketing should be used in a responsible fashion. You don’t want to use it to promote envy, jealousy, or disappointment.

Don’t try to manipulate consumers. Today’s customer know’s when a brand is being deceptive and that can trigger a negative response. So, it’s important to follow proven strategies when implementing this kind strategy. Here a few techniques we like to use for FOMO marketing to be a success.

Technique #1: Demand Necessity

Show the shopper that your product or service is or will be in high demand. Let the consumer feel that there are a lot of people waiting to see an item or service become available or go on sale. Show your target audience that if they waste any time they may miss out on the opportunity within the snap of the fingers.

Technique #2: Tone of Urgency

Closely related to the first point is the need to craft your content to reflect a timeline that will force a buyer/consumer to attend to your ad as soon as possible. For example; Tell them to buy a product at a 50% reduction rate within 48 hours after which the price will change, and have a countdown button on the ad to reflect the remaining time.

Nodat Hot Offers displays a countdown timer on each offer for you!

Technique #3: Feedback Technique

This is another important aspect of FOMO Marketing, here you let the page reflect the goodwill messages of the current customers and returning buyers. Let it be known to the potential customers that they are in safe hands. Make sure every offer has the ability to be shared with your shopper’s network. Bragging rights is a MUST when it comes to FOMO.

Technique #4: Exclusive or Limited Edition Technique

This makes the offer so enticing to consumers. People like exclusive products and this makes them buy at a higher rate. Imagine having an ad that displays a limited edition item available only limited time. With an exclusive package for the first 100 people to buy the product. That’s like double promo, and nobody would like to miss such. You’re probably thinking about the McRib right now!

Limited Edition FOMO campaign.

Technique #5: Scarcity Technique

Have you visited some pages recently, click on a promotional product recently and see something like “2 items remaining”? The fear of it flying off the shelf if the buyer doesn’t act in time will trigger the FOMO in him/her and urge her make the purchase as soon as possible.

Best Western Scarcity Marketing Example

Technique #6: Leverage on the power of social media

Use social media to increase visibility of your ad if possible. Make use of different platforms according to your marketing style to reach as many people as possible.

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