Drive Engagement To Your Website Using Flash Content

Drive Engagement To Your Website Using Flash Content

Posting about your flash sale on your website isn’t really cutting it, huh? If it were you wouldn’t be reading this blog article. But, that’s ok. We’ll help you out with a few ideas to drive engagement towards your flash sales using Nodat, Facebook and Instagram.

Planning content and launching a campaign only to get a few likes is frustrating. Here’s how to drive engagement using ephemeral content, like flash deals, exclusive downloads, limited-time ebooks and more. Ephemeral content is content that is short-lived, like IG stories or reels. But, Nodat offers a way to use your other content in ephemeral marketing.

When to Flash Sale?

E-commerce brands use flash sales to get impulse buyers to buy a product within a certain period of time. Usually it comes with a substantial discount but in this article we will give you a different perspective. This strategy works great when used in the right context, on the right channel and at the right time.

You probably didn’t Nodat flash sales could be this interesting but check this out. You can use a flash sale to:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Customer loyalty
  • Cross-sell non-sale items
  • Sell surplus stock
  • Book empty appointment slots
  • and more

Boost Brand Awareness with Flash Sales

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which consumers are familiar with your brand’s image, reputation and services. If consumers don’t know you then promoting a flash sale with a heavy discount can hurt your brand’s quality score. This is why it’s important to create a strategy and set goals for every flash sale you run.

Small businesses use social media to boost brand awareness. Then, will use a deal site to promote a flash deal to attract customers. We believe these two things go and hand and should not be separated. Here’s one strategy you should use with Nodat to build awareness and drive engagement.

Strategy one:

You probably have a popup on your website offering 10% off a first order right? Here’s the problem, the shopper needs to know about your website in order to see that popup. Suggestion: Create a Hot Offer on Nodat offering a discount for signing up for your newsletter. Now, you have introduced your website to a new shopper and pulled them into your funnel. Attach your offer to a SMART notification and push it to mobile devices in a geographical area. If you’re a brick and mortar, push the notification to users who are within 5 miles of your business location.

Benefit: Now, you’ve introduced your brand to a new set of consumers. Even if they don’t take you up on your first offer. They have now heard of your brand.

Strategy two:

Share the Hot Offer in your newsletter and incentivize your subscribers to share on Facebook, inviting friends to participate. Now, you’ve introduced your brand to people within your existing subscriber’s network and can drive engagement towards content.

Benefit: The timer on the offer creates a sense of urgency. It gives the impression if they don’t accept the offer now, the opportunity will not be available later on.

Determine how much of a discount or incentive to give to introduce shoppers to your brand. First, figure out what its worth to you to have shoppers on your mailing list going through your sales funnel? What would you pay for a consumer to know the name of your brand? This is brand awareness. Brand awareness campaigns have one goal. Make people aware of your brand.

Drive Engagement #1: Ephemeral Marketing

One of the best ways to catch people’s attention is through exclusive content. Again, you probably have a lead magnet on your website offering a free ebook or content download. Remember, that icky problem? They have to know about your website to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Strategy three:

Create a very enticing lead magnet that will be available for a limited time. It should speak to your audience’s needs, whether it’s solving a quick problem, feeding their curiosity, or providing a resource. This is not the same content that is readily available on your website. Shoppers should get the impression once the timeframe is up they will not be able to access this content anymore.

Ideas for ephemeral content: ebooks, how-to-videos, exclusive feature stories, exclusive blog articles, template downloads, etc.

Share the content Hot Offer on your social media, newsletters, stories etc. Use them to drive engagement when working with influencers or partners.

Benefit: It gives your audience something to look forward to from your brand. Drives traffic to your website and can be used to move subscribers through your sales funnel.

Use these strategies to build brand awareness and drive engagement towards your website and offers. Sign up for a free trial of Nodat below.

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