If you made it to this blog post it means you didn't do so well on our "How Well Do You Know Nashville?" quiz. And that's OKAY! Obviously, we've done our job and piqued your curiosity just enough and now you're eager to find the locations of the awesome businesses we asked about. But first, bet you thought you knew Nashville pretty well huh?

We did too! But we're going to help you get in the know! 


Looking to throw a soiree in the Nashville area but tired of using the same old venues? We get lots of request asking for ideas and locations for interesting places to throw a great party. So, we decided to do some research for you and compile a list of cool places to have your wedding, a rocking "Dirty Thirty" birthday party, an awesome sweet sixteen, or even your mom's surprise sixtieth! Nashville has plenty of options but here are seven we think you should know!


Virtual Reality is changing the world and Nashville is in its path! A new VR Gamers Cafe called PLATFORMS has opened its doors in downtown Nashville on Second Avenue South near the popular bar and grill  Third and Lindsley. We were invited to attend a VR Meetup on Thursday night hosted by The Wond'ry, an epicenter for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Vanderbilt University. We must say, we enjoyed learning all about this crazed way of gaming and near-reality experience! If you are too shaky to try those once in a lifetime bucket list experiences, then VR just might be your option. Here's why we say this is a place you must get to know!


Here at Nodat Place we love and support local business owners. They are the reason our company exist! Nashville is a booming economy and no stranger to the national brands that have moved in and decided to make our town their home. While, we welcome those brands and all the fun things that come along with them we can't forget about our local champions that make Nashville, well you know, Nashville! So, we decided to do a "Hey! Did You Nodat!" Local Business Spotlight! Here's our list of the most unique small businesses in Nashville we feel you must get to know!

Nashville Must See Murals

The colorful street art in Nashville has become a fun scavenger hunt for locals and tourist. Tons of artist have come out from hiding to paint our once bare walls with images of what we know about Nashville fused with their own personal viewpoints to create historical selfie worthy murals. If you haven't taken a stroll around town to view the surrealistic pieces of art, you definitely should.

Best Nashville Bar-B-Que

Do You Really Know the BEST Nashville Barbeque?

Nashville is home to many great barbeque joints like the very well-known restaurant chains of Jim & Nick's BBQHog HeavenMission BBQ and many more. We know them all too well and so does the rest of the world! But how many of us have heard of or been blessed to try our local small barbeque joints that were created here and are drenched with the local flavor of real Nashville Barbeque? The ones that decorate their walls with Nashville history and tell stories of our great city? The kind of places that should roll off our tongues when every tourist asks a local "Where's the best place to get Nashville Barbeque?"